Trina O'connor                   

Hello! My name is Trina O'Connor. My husband Abram and I are pastors of Good Ground Ministry. Today, I am sharing a short version of my testimony with you. I pray that it helps you.

When I was a child I was very abused by my mother and stepfather physically, mentally, and emotionally. When I was 12 years old all of this abuse continued but, even worsening to sexual abuse from my stepfather. Many times my mom would ask me if there was anyone touching my private parts and I would be scared to tell, but I would tell her what my stepfather was doing and she would make me tell all of her friends also. So then I would tell them and nothing would ever get done about this. So this continued for 5 years until I was 17 years of age. I will not bring detail into this letter today, but if you want the full testimonial I would be glad to send you one. Finally, I began dating Abram (my husband) and he found out about it through me. So he took it to the authorities and got the law involved. So they got me out of that situation. My mom still blames me for breaking up her home and marriage. Because, he told her that he was there for me, not for her so that if I left he would also leave. And that is just what he did. My mom even left the state and left me with him in order to make him happy for the week. So I was very mentally disturbed and mentally destroyed. I was very dominated by both of them.

So, when I left I was afraid because I had to make my own choices. I had no one to abuse me mentally and all ways. I was very glad to be away from them but, I blamed myself for everything that happened. So, later Abram and I got married. We were very much in love but neither of us knew how to help each other. We were very much sinners and heading to hell. Abram would feel bad for me because I stayed depressed and he was an alcoholic. So all we did was hurt ourselves more. I was very depressed because I was blaming myself for everything. I even contemplated suicide many times. And at the time Abram & I were very much sinners. I had never even heard of salvation before. I was a catholic all of my life. But, now I am a Christian. I serve the only one who died for my sins, JESUS.

Satan had a hold on my mind very much from all of the abuse. I was literally losing my mind. I did not even want to live. I was acting like a 12 year old child. I truly believed I was locked in my horrible childhood. I had such a spirit of fear, that I would be terrified to be alone. I was scared to death of men. I was always convinced that someone would rape me and kill me. And I was married, but I would cry every time I had sex because,it would bring up old pains that I would try to block out of my mind. I cried myself to sleep every night for approximately 8 months.
In March of 1994 Abram came home one night and I saw that he looked different and he had joy and he was not drinking and I said what did you take. And he told me that he had gone to a church and given his life to Jesus and he received salvation. So I watched his life all week to see if this was for real. And exactly one week later to the day, I went with him to church. And I repented of my sin and asked the Lord into my heart and life and He came in and turned my life around totally. He put joy and peace like I had never felt of knew of before. I praise Him for this.

Abram & I have been saved and serving Jesus ever since. The depression was gone forever and never has come back although satan tried to put it back on me, I rebuked him through the Word of God. And he had to go. However, for a time after this I still had fear, but as I grew in the Word of God and realized that fear was of satan I made satan take it back. And God gave me such joy and peace over this. Now, when something tries to scare me I literally laugh uncontrollably, some people see this and they can't help but laugh also. They are so amazed at this. So I'm here as a living, breathing, testimony in God's awesome power in my life. He has healed me in all ways possible and renewed my mind in all manners. I'm literally not the same person.
So, now we are doing the work of ministering to a lost and dying world. We have church services in our home three times a week. We have quit our jobs and everything to do this full time for the Lord. And what satan used to torment us with. We now use this to torment satan and give all of the glory to God.

If you would like more on this testimony or if you need someone to talk to, please feel free to call, E-mail, or write me at home also you can check out our web page on the internet. This is what we do always so never hesitate to contact us. God is awesome and he gets all of the glory. Remember that God can do all things. He can heal the hurting and repair all of the wounds that satan has put on us. Please feel free to contact me and I would be more than glad to help with anything. Love & Prayers Faithfully, Trina O'Connor!!

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