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This ministry has witnessed many miracles and the working of the power of the Holy Spirit. These are just to name a few of what I have seen.

Not long after being saved ( Born Again ), God began dealing with my heart to preach the Gospel. I had such a hunger and desire to do so, but never mentioned it to anyone. One night while praying, I began to pray about this. I told God that if it was His will I would preach the Gospel wherever or to whomever He wills. But I told Him, that if all He wanted me to do was wash the feet of His servants I would do even that. I just wanted to be used by God. When I told Him that, I meant it from my heart; God knows our hearts before we even kneel to pray. Right afterwards, God spoke to my heart, inner man that He had called me to evangelize the world. To go and preach the Good News to the ends of the earth. I got up from prayer weeping and thinking, " could this really be God "? I have trouble speaking to one person, how could I preach to many? Was my question. Of course it was such a desire I had though. After prayer, I got up and went to bed. About two in the morning I awoke with the feeling of a presence in the room. This had happened before on a numerous occasions prior to that night. This was the seventh time this has happened since my new birth experience. I sat in bed and fixed my eyes in the area of the room where I sensed this presence and waited to see what would happened. And to my surprise, out of the darkness stepped out an angelic being. At first fear caught my heart and I tried to back up in my bed. But he spoke to me and told me not to fear, because our Father from heaven had sent him with a message. I remember thinking, why did this angel call God our Father? Of course now I know that angels also are called the sons of God throughout the Bible. To describe him would be that he had gold hair. He wore a shield on one side and a sword on the other. He had on a golden breastplate on and boots which came to his knees which also were gold. When he spoke to me, he raised his arms to heaven, and after each statement that was made, he would throw his arms towards me as if throwing the words at me. And every time this was done, I felt as if electricity was going through my body into my heart. I believe this was God's Word being planted into my heart. He spoke this to me; "That our Father from heaven had called me to preach the Gospel to all people to the ends of the earth". And spoke many other things to me that dealt with me personally. After talking to me, he stepped back into the darkness and I never seen him again. That was in 1994. I have been preaching since that time. This Word that I received from God has been confirmed by other ministers that God has used to speak to me. So here I am today, doing as God has called me to do. I do not go in my own power nor my own will but by God do I do the things which God has called me to do.
Guy M. Manuel

A five year old whose mother and father both died with the aids virus was miraculously healed after God used us to minister to him. His father who got this dreaded disease while in prison, infected his wife who became pregnant, after the man was let out of prison. The child was born with the aids virus and never new different. The father died from the virus when the child was about a year old. The mother died when he was five years old, from this disease. The child's aunt was given custody of the child, who heard of this ministry and how God has used us in such away. She asked us to go and pray and minister for this child after he was placed in the hospital because of an attack that this disease (satan) had caused. We went with the Word of God and power in the Spirit to minister to this aunt and child who was in the hospital; and God showed up to meet us. Not long after the aunt called back and gave the good news that the doctors who treated this child from birth for the aids virus, reported that this incurable disease could no longer be found in this child's body. He was miraculously healed by the power of God. To all the glory belongs unto Jesus.

A woman who had female problems had us pray for her during a church service. I began to pray in the Spirit and had got such a burden for her. I remember hurting for her deep within my heart. Jesus feels our infirmities and pains and does not desire that we suffer. I laid hands on her and began to speak to the sickness with authority as it had a mind of its own. I used the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God
Ephesians 6:17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: And I came against it in the Name of Jesus ( God's Word ), until she was totally healed ( made free ). After the service, she told us that when I would speak the Word of God ageist this sickness, she could feel it began to leave her body, but when I would pause for a minute or two it would work itself back into her body trying to get deeper into her body. But she said, after I kept praying and pressing on she felt finally the sickness let go and depart from within her. She was made totally free from it. All glory and praise to Jesus.

A woman whom doctors had given eight to ten months to live from breast cancer, was touch by God and healed after we went to her and prayed and ministered to her. After we went to her home to minister to her and pray for her; she went to take test and doctors confirm that the cancer could not be found. The doctors told her before that nothing could be done for her concerning the cancer, that it was too late to treat it. But with Jesus, it is never too late. Glory and praise to Him Forever.

A child who was having nightmares ( doctors call it scream mares, because the child would wake up screaming ) every night, was totally made free after I gave them a prayer cloth to place under his pillow at night. His mother confirmed that after the cloth was placed under the pillow, he never had these nightmares again. All Glory and praise to Jesus.

I went to minister and pray for a man who had a liver disease, and doctors gave only a few days to live. After I went and prayed for him, he called me less that a week later telling that the doctors report said he was doing better for no reason. So left the hospital and was back home and able to spend Christmas with his family. Praise and Glory to Jesus.

I have seen a couple sow a seed of four hundred dollars ( $400.00 ) into a ministry and began to believe God for the hundred fold to come back. Not long after, they received a check for forty--thousand dollars ( $40,000.00 ). All Glory and praise to Jesus.
Much more has been seen of what the power of the Holy Spirit has done in the lives of people.

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