Welcome to the Living Water of Rhema Ministries

We are an Evangelistic Ministry dedicated to
preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and ministering to the lost and needful. I pray God
Blesses you as you go through these pages.

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Miracles Miracles Miracles .........Call on the Name of Jesus, and He will give you your Miracle

NEW!!! If you want to read about MIRACLES that we have witnessed and how Jesus been glorified through this ministry, come to this page. Read about angelic visitations, many being healed of cancers and diseases, a child being healed of aids and much more.

If you do not know if you are heaven bound and have
a promise of eternal life; click HERE. There is assurance
that you can have this promise.

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Come to our Audio and video page of the past with A. A. Allen and others of past praising God and seeing miracles on real video !!!!!!!!!

      Hear Audio and see video of the past . A.A. Allen , Brother H. R. Hall and others. Click Here To Go To Page

You can read about us and what we stand for in the About Us page; and you can also read and be taught the Word of God in the Monthly Sermon Page; and get inspired as you read the testimonial pages as you read what Jesus has done in the lives of some believers, and you will have an opportunity to send in your testimony to see if it will be posted with these. You can send us your prayer Request and know that others will believe God for your miracle. You can go to the Audio Page and listen to Real Audio Sermons that was uploaded from the services we hold here, I believe it will build up your faith. You can go and read about past Servants of God such as Dwight Moody and Smith Wigglesworth, and get inspired of what God has done in their lives. And there is much more and will be updating as the time goes by. God go with you.

Click on fire to view our slide show with our pictures: click here to see our slide show :

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