Abram O'Connor
Hello, My name is Abram O'Connor. This is my story of how I found God, or should I say how HE found me. I was raised in a home that had seen the hand of God in it. I was brought up in a hard core Pentecostal up bringing. I mean everything was a sin doctors, TV's, make-up, etc. But with all these rules I never really learned who Jesus was. So every time I would think of serving God my mind automatically told me that I would have to keep all those rules. So I would never except Jesus into my life. I was raised a preachers kid, but seen a lot of ungodly stuff at home. That would also confuse me. I always knew that I was called to preach the Word of God, even before I got saved. When I was about ten years old I for a time walked with the Lord. But got away from HIM soon, it didn't last. So after that, I guess from fourteen on it just got worse for me. Living such a sheltered life at home, I wanted to try it all. At about fifteen I begin to drink and just live a life of sin. At school I met the girl that later would be my wife, Trina. We begin to date and I was madly in love. But with sin in our lives it was not working too good. We later got married, but without God it still was not working. To make a long story short, this is what happened. After work one night, instead of going home on time I went to a bar. I was shooting pool with friends and drinking. I began to feel the Presence of God in the bar. The more I drank and shot pool the more I felt God. It got so strong that I began to cry I didn't want my friends to see so I went out side of the pool hall, Standing out side I said I need God. I got in my truck and left that night and went to a church a town away that I knew about. Now you can get saved anywhere but this is where God wanted me to go. I knew the preacher of this little church I knew his life, it was a true Christian life. I walked in went right to the front I let Jesus into my life and have never been the same since. When I got home my wife did not recognize me at all. She said what happened, I explained, she said well I want it to. It took about six days for her to really grasp salvation by faith, but once it came to her she latched on to Jesus and what He done on the Cross, and we have never been the same since My boss that I was working for got saved and closed his store and went into ministry full-time. So many things began to happen, oh God is so good. I became a pastor and we love Jesus. So know this, Jesus can forgive any sin in your life . and heal it. If you don't know HIM, let HIM in, you want be sorry.

You can hear the preaching and teaching of Brother Abram on our Audio Page

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